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Kyle Durant's Umbrella

Gala Evening

Val Durant's opening speech
Live Auction
Gala evening crowd
Gala evening crowd with Amir - Art Programmer
Coast Foundation - staff artists
Gala evening
Gala evening
Robin Laurence, Georgia Straight
Roundhouse Volunteer, Billie

Hank Bull, Auctioneer with Ingrid Fluevog
Art and Organizers
Three members of the Out of the Rain Society, Valerie Durant, Ingrid Fluevog, and Marcia Pitch gather to view the art and umbrellas donated by artists for the event and auction at the Roundhouse on November November 17th.
A photo from the Georgia Straight of Valerie Durant, one of the organizers of Out of the Rain, Kyle Durant and Amir Alibhai, Art programmer from the Roundhouse.
Artist: Michal Tkachenko
Description of Work: Chinook Arch II,
oil on canvas1x3ft, 2005
Artist: Mary Finlayson
Title: Search Party #2.
Dimension 24"x 38".
Artist: Shannon Belkin
Title: Mother Teresa
Dimensions: 36” x 48”
Title: “FIVE ORIFLAMMES”2005 info @ francinerenaud.ca
Description: Rip-stop nylon / acrylic/ mixed-media 5[1’x 8’]
Artist: Pnina Granirer

Group of Umbrellas by Artists, Landon Mackenzie, Kyle Durant, Pnina Granirer, Ingrid Fluevog and Marcia Pitch.
Artist: Kyle Durant
Title: Round Time
Description: The Umbrella depicts the evolution of human civilization from an aerial perspective
This is a detail of sometime in the future.
Artist: Ingrid Fluevog
Description: Untitled
Artist: Jamie Evard

Artist: Patty Ampleford
Title : Rain, Engish Bay
oil on canvas
36" x 48" 2005

Artist: Eric Burke
Title: Vancouver
medium: ink on canvas
dimensions: 32" x 20"
year: 2005

Artist: Milan Radovanovic
Title: Morning
C - print archival process
19 inch x 15 inch paper
14 inch x 5,5 inch dimension of image
created 2001;

Artist: Jacob Gleeson
Title: Box for Sitting (After R. Morris), 2003
Wood, tar paper, roofing, carpet, wallpaper, latex paint
3' x 4 1/2' x 3'
or a 16 x 20'' framed C-Print of the same work.

Artist: Petronella van Oyen
Title: Skate Boarder
acrylic and gold leaf, 30x36", 1992 and 2005

Petronella is a graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and designs architectural glass artwork for Kitsilano Stained Glass.

Artist: Marcia Pitch
Title: Slippery Slope
Mixed Media on Umbrella 2005
Artist: Rebecca Applegarth
Title: From the series 'Story of Hands'
Photograph 2002
Artist: Valerie Durant
Title: Only on dry days
Mixed Media on Umbrella 2005
Artist: Valerie Durant
Title: Inversion 11 Photographic Diptych 2004
A photograph take of the doorway, looking in looking out of the Praise Church after a fire destroyed this heritage building at 11th and Quebec. A homeless man who could not find shelter for the night was sleeping in the building at the time.

Artists: Kate Macdonald and Lorraine Kwan
Title: High and Dry

Artist: Marcia Pitch
Title: Surrounded
Artist: Moneca Atley
Title: Africa Adorned#1
[Recycling Materials Matter]in acrylic on canvas is 8"x10", year 2000.
This painting expresses & reflects the beauty to be found in recycling & sharing. monecaatley@netscape.net Website
Artist: Robin Ripley
Title: Gleaner
Black umbrella with wooden handle. Outer surface of the umbrella is decorated with paintedrivulets of rain and snap fasteners. Inside surface of umbrella has a variety of different sized transparent, waterproof, removable,storage containers filled with gleanings (both practical and fanciful) such as safety pins,spool of thread, soap,charm, painting.... I would like the bidder for my umbrella to consider donating it to someone homeless.
Artist: Robin Ripley
Title: Interior Detail
The focus of my work has often included the re-examination of mundane ojects to explore the connections between art and life.
Artist: Landon Mackenzie
Title: Untiltled

Downtown Womens Eastside Festival
Gachet Gachet take art to the streets during the Women's Festival on September 18th in the DTE.
Gallery Gachet hosts an umbrella painting workshop during the festival
"Diversity" - Patricia and Rose work together to create a group umbrella at the festival
"Together" - two women add their names and paintings to a group umbrella.
Patricia a resident of the DTE takes her creativity to the street.
Sarah in Motion
Painting Participant

West End Neighbourhood Day
Artist Roxanne Gagnon adds finishing touches
Coordinator. Gail Brown discusses Nov. 6th workshop
Workshop coordinator Gail Brown with artist Jeanne Krabbendam’s umbrella
Volunteers get ready to paint


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