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Vancouver community groups gathered to express their common concern about homelessness in creative and demonstrable ways. Some hosted umbrella painting workshops to create functional or art umbrellas auctioned to raise funds to benefit people living on the street. Others organized workshops and forums to raise awareness and action around homelessness in the city. Others curated related exhibitions. Many other plans and events developed.

ENORMOUS THANKS - to the hundreds of individuals who gave considerable time and in-kind contributions to help ensure the success of Out of the Rain and to increase understanding and action around homelessness in Vancouver.

Kudos to over one hundred artist whose works magically transformed the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall and were the inspiration for many who became involved with Out of the Rain activities.

Thanks to those who know what it means to be homeless who quietly shared their stories and perhaps made others a little wiser and more motivated to see change.

Appreciation to the many individuals and organizations whose commitment and interest enriched the Roundhouse Forums and the 24 other workshops, exhibitions and events which happened throughout the city.

As part of our gratitude, we’d like to extend our thanks to the following individuals and organizations who generously contributed to demonstrate their concern and their desire to create A More Livable City for Everyone.

GALA SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS – Nov. 17, 2005 at the Roundhouse

Salvation Army Belkin House-Culinary Arts Program
Ferndale Organic Farm Project
Pair Bistro and Gallery www.pairbistro.ca
Hank Bull – Auctioneer – Director, Centre A
Charlette Moulton - harpist

Door Prize Contributors
West Point Cycles, Ed’s Linens, The Umbrella Shop, Shoppers Drug Mart, Dunbar Greetings, Choices

FORUM CONTRIBUTORS – Nov. 12 – 13, 2005 at the Roundhouse
Leslie Adams, Elaine Allan, Renata Aebi, Sheila Baxter, Jenny Booth, Fran Bourassa, Barbara Charlie, Michael Clague, Jill Davidson, Jesse Dlin, Valerie Durant, Libby Davies, Margaret Eberle, Lennie Gagnon, Dan Garrison, Judy Graves, Theresa D. Gray, Jim Green, Diana Guenther, Linda Lane, Martha Lewis, Val MacDonald, Alanna MacLennan, Margaret McNeil, Michelle Ninow, Zola Nova, Irwin Oostindie, Penny Rogers, Julia Russell, Tracy Schonfeld, Sheila Scotton, Melanie Selby-Brown, Patrick Stewart, Kae Sugrue, Sam Sullivan, Ann Susnik, Richard Tetrault, Alan Waterman, Cease Wyss

Principle Sponsors 2005:


The Roundhouse  hosted Out of the Rain, A Project for Homelessness in the Exhibition Hall and Performance Centre from Tuesday November 8th until Thursday November 17th, 2005.  A month of citywide events culminated at an Exhibition, Gala Evening + Silent Auction at the Roundhouse during those dates.  As well, Public Forums took place between November 8th to 17th, entitled A Liveable City for Everyone

The Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre is an evolving project finding new and creative ways to integrate the arts, community culture and sports. The Roundhouse exists to satisfy the needs of widely divergent communities. It is mandated as a Centre providing community arts opportunities for residents living throughout the entire City of Vancouver and, specifically, people who live and/or work on the eastside of the Downtown peninsula. In September 1996, neighbours, staff and members of the arts community identified the overall mission to “celebrate diversity… of people, values, ideas, and activities”. The Roundhouse works to achieve this goal through a very wide range of programming opportunities and connection to a widely divergent community.


Gallery Gachet was and is a major partner in this project and collaborated with the Roundhouse for a month long parallel exhibition in November 2005., November 4, 10pm.

Gallery Gachet was founded in 1993. Gallery Gachet is run by a collective, comprised of consumers and survivors of mental illness and sexual abuse. Gallery Gachet provides artists informed by mental illness with opportunities to exhibit, curate and develop leadership skills, and coordinating cultural projects as a means for capacity building. They empower themselves through civic leadership as artists and community members and aim to educate and demystify the public on issues relating to mental health.

St. Leonard’s Society of North Vancouver Salvation Army Belkin House Culinary Arts Program Ferndale Organic Farm and Vocational Training Program Correctional Service Canada Pacific Region Artists Buried Heart Society

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) in partnership with community organizations promote safer communities through awareness raising, education and public engagement. CSC has a proud history of community service that includes assisting non-profit organizations through art and food donations. In 2004, CSCs ‘Ferndale Organic Farm Project’ located outside Mission, BC, supplied over 3 tonnes of organic produce to Vancouver area organizations that provide meals and food bank services to homeless populations. In 2005, the Ferndale Organic Farm Project  was expected to increase productivity to supply even more organic produce to an ever-expanding roster of Vancouver area service providers.


Twin Fish Creative donated their graphic design services for the Out of the Rain identity/logo, print materials and website design. In collaboration with the web development talents of 4AM Group and the master photographic eye of Albert Normandin, Twin Fish Creative brought the “Out of the Rain” project concept to life through a generous donation of time and resources from all involved.

Twin Fish Creative is a Vancouver, BC based branding and graphic design studio that specializes in creating powerful brand strategy and compelling communications materials for small and mid-sized companies

4AM Group is a digital marketing company that specializes in web design & ecommerce development, search engine optimization, email marketing and interactive media services for small to medium sized firms as well as large corporations.

Albert Normandin is a Vancouver, BC freelance photographer that works both locally and internationally, shooting extensively for a variety of clients and travelling the world for his personal work

PacBlue Digital Reprographics provides quality digital printing services for everything from business cards to billboards.


Vancouver & Richmond
Supplier of paint for the Gallery Gachet
DTE workshops and Roundhouse community
Based public, youth at risk and homeless workshops.


COAST FOUNDATION’s art program contributed a stunning array of umbrella’s to the Roundhouse Exhibition and raffle.  As part of their awareness raising activities,  they participated in  programming for the Roundhouse Forums including a display in the Exhibition Hall and COAST also provided food for the week-end Forum.

COAST’s programs reach out to people with mental illness.  The Mental Health Resource Centre at 1225 Seymour Street is a cooperative community which strives to create a barrier free, safe and accepting environment where individuals have the opportunity to build human connections, become self-sufficient, develop individual interests and discover their strengths and talents.


FALSE CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL engaged students in discussions about homelessness and every student had the opportunity to paint on umbrellas expressing their concerns about homelessness and hopes for some changes. 

False Creek Elementary School’s R.U.L.E.S. are Respect, Understanding, Learning, Education and Safety which is reflected in activities throughout the year. The school’s mandate is that they are responsible to their community, their neighbours and the environment.


KINGSGATE MALL hosted a community umbrella painting workshop and also a Senior’s tea to increase understanding about homelessness and to discuss how seniors are impacted in their communities.

Kingsgate Mall worked in collaboration with the Mt. Pleasant Volunteer Police, Mount Pleasant Elementary School, other businesses and community partners.


WECAN (West End Citizen’s Action Network) worked with the West End Community Centre and Association, artists, businesses and others on fall activities raising awareness about homelessness. An impressive number of  West End artists çontributed 25 unique ‘bottle-cap umbrellas’ to the November Roundhouse Exhibition.

WECAN – Initially created to deal with nieghbourhood crime, this citizen’s network realizes the importance of building bridges of understanding to create a safer, more compassionate community.

PacBlue Digital Reprographics
Printing and supply of
the Out of the Rain Poster
Opus Framing and Art Supplies
supplier of paints and materials to False Creek Elementary School
Gallery Gachet www.gachet.org
False Creek Elementary School http://falsecreek.vsb.bc.ca
(West End Citizens' Action Network)
West End Community Centre Association
(West End Integrated Neighbourhood Network)
2nd Annual Heart of the City Festival www.heartofthecityfestival.com
The Community Arts Initiative  
Carnegie Community Centre http://vcn.bc.ca/carnegie/index.php
Lookout Emergency Aid Society www.lookoutsociety.bc.ca
The Brenda Carr Studio Society www.bcarrstudio.citymax.com
Street Art Works  
Twin Fish Creative www.twinfishcreative.com
4AM Group www.4amgroup.com
Albert Normandin www.albertnormandin.com
Centre A-Vancouver International Centre
for Contemporary Asian Art
United We Can  
Quantumideas www.quantumideas.com
Kingsgate Mall  
Correctional Service Canada Pacific Region Artists

Salvation Army Belkin House-Culinary Arts Program


Ferndale Organic Farm Project

Tenant Assistance program - City of Vancouver  
Coast Foundation Society (arts program) www.coastfoundation.com
Champlain Heights Community Centre www.city.vancouver.bc.ca
Dunbar Community Centre www.dunbarcentre.ca
Killarney Community Centre www.killarneycentre.ca
Renfrew Community Centre www.city.vancouver.bc.ca
Riley Park Community Centre www.city.vancouver.bc.ca
Trout Lake Community Centre www.city.vancouver.bc.ca
Housing Centre and Tenant Assistant Program - City of Vancouver  
Pair Bistro www.pairbistro.ca
Atira Women’s Services Society www.atira.bc.ca
The Brenda Carr Studio Society www.bcarrstudio.citymax.com
Centre A-Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art www.centrea.org
Supplier of Umbrellas to False Creek Elementary School
The Gallery
Creative Custom Framing
Kingdom Photo  
The Umbrella Shop

Shoppers Drug Mart
Ed’s Linens
Buy-Low Foods Ltd. Kingsgate Mall
Samm’s Umbrellas
Veraxis Coaching and Training www.veraxis.net
West Point Cycles  
Dunbar Greetings  


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